Liam Kelly

Street, Somerset United Kingdom

Genres:Pop Rock, Rock - Pop Rock

Born in Ireland to parents who loved to travel. Grew up in towns in Canada, Ireland and the rift valley of Africa.

His palette has the colors of busking days in Dublin’s Grafton Street, the rhythms of Africa, the roots of Celtic folk and the landscape of rock and roll.

Simply put - Liam writes elegant songs with significant themes: lives, lovers and separation. His debut album 'Junkies for a Thrill' received outstanding reviews. He is currently working on the follow-up 'Swimming In a Sea of Lost Souls'.

Liam has publishing deals with Crucial Music, The Music Library and with Songs With Vision. He is on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

His music is radioplayed in UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa.

Liam's songs are currently under review for use with artists, repertoire, publishing, film, television and advertising by:

MTV, PulseEi8ht, EMI, Good Spot, The Music Library, Wind Up Records, New Vision Songs, MegaTrax, Nettwerk Records, Sound Of Pop Inc., Blue Scout Music, Crucial Music, Chris Long Management, The Laboratory, Smile Records, Taxi
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