My Misspent Youth

5008, Bergen Norway

Genres:Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Background info: The band rose out of the ashes from bands like Twigs, Paynbird, Spring Jester and Side Effects. The band released the ep ”Six Point Eight” in 2006 and contributed on the cd-sampler “Bergen Rock City Vol 2”, which was released by the Norwegian/Chinese recordlabel October Party Records in 2006. 10 000 copies were printed an distributed in China.

“Colours Gone Cold” has been delayed for nearly four years due to major life changing events in the band members life. Over the last four years they have clocked up five births, five weddings and one funeral. ?These major events have been the inspiration for the music on the cd. The title referes to the overwhelming changes that happen during our journey through life. From birth, love, illness and death. It deals with the choices we have to make and the sacrifices this brings. The last song, Materfamilias, written by the bands bass player is a personal tribute to his mother who passed away far too early. The cd has been dedicated to her.

Most of the songs were recorded in Tinnitus studio in Bergen, with Bjarte Ludvigsen as the engineer. My Misspent Youth had som help from good friends during the recording process, on vocals, keyboard/samples and drums.

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