Diamond Dust

Edmundston, New-Brunswick Canada

Poster for Diamond Dust's upcoming Winter/Spring Tour
Bio: If classic rock had a love child with a singer-songwriter, you would expect the result to be strange, disturbing even. Somehow, when you listen to Diamond Dust’s debut album, the lines get blurred and what seem to be two completely opposite genres collide and melt into something that is actually quite extraordinary.

Opposites do attract and this is exactly how this story is told; A sweet-voiced singer-songwriter simply named Jo, meets a free-spirited rock n’ roll guitar player, nick-named, Riffer and through the push and pull action they come up with something very magical. The difference in musical opinions has finally settled somewhere near the middle to create "Diamond Dust", the band’s debut and self-titled record.

Diamond Dust isn’t your typical rock band, nor is it a cookie cutter country, folk or even pop band. The dilemma led the band to consider its very existence from inception. Where can you go if you don’t really fit in anywhere completely, but sorta fit everywhere at the same time? One producer calls it Led Zeppelin meets Sarah McLachlan, others compare them to Edie Brickell, Sheryl Crow or even Jewel and Mazzy Star with some “humf”. So the solution? Go everywhere, because you sorta fit in there!

At first glance, Diamond Dust might appear and feel a little retro. Their absolute love for the 60’s and 70’s music is blatantly apparent, and in their opinion, they don’t make music like that anymore and it’s a crying shame. So in the spirit of "real music" and striving for a sound as organic and pure as possible, all throughout the process of recording their debut album, they used only actual physical instruments with vintage gear to record them. They even went as far as renting a vintage tape machine and buying the required tape rolls to run the entire record through tape to give it an added warmth and vintage feel. The band funded this entire first record themselves and they are proud of the result - a record that is free of commercial attachments and speaks with a true voice.

Diamond Dust left on what they described as "an old-school tour" last June, 2011 from Vancouver, BC. They decided to travel with just the two of them on the road, offering a stripped-down, unplugged acoustic version of the record as a live show. They first went across Canada for the Summer and Fall 2011, then hit the US for the Winter 2011 and Spring 2012, traveling in a two door Honda Civic from which they ripped out the back seats and trunk divider to make room for their gear and merch. They returned in Vancouver after a full year on the road at the end of May 2012.

Diamond Dust's self-titled debut album has made a triumphant entrance on the underground music scene with the National Music Director for the CBC calling it "A very impressive debut" that "reminds one of peak period Led Zeppelin" while The Independent Florida Alligator calls it "reminiscent of classic rock (...) with grooving bass and catchy riffs". New Slang labels it "gritty rock that seems to ooze out the very soul of that famously defining era of revolution, love and peace". The Plainsman Press writes to be: "stunned by this unique voice" and that "With the great combination of vocals and guitar (Diamond Dust) seem to have found the perfect match".

Charting on College and University radio stations across the continent, the album made anyone who heard it aware that there was a new band on the scene, proving once again that Canadians are a force to be wreckened with in the music world and that rock n' roll is still very much alive and well.

The band's second effort is expected to stay true to their vision of true musical freedom, exploring even further into the realm of psychedelics, experiencing with new instruments and sounds, while still keeping in touch with their fun-loving appeal with catchy infectious rhythms and lyrical hooks. For their sophomore album, the band will be eagerly plunging deep into a rich back catalogue of songs, which spans over a decade of musical contribution, with songs that have been given plenty of time to mature and settle into a great age. Diamond Dust is also going to be recording many new songs which were written during their year-long tour across North America, being heavily influenced by the change of scenery and the adventures and people encountered along the way.

The band is currently on tour across North America.
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