Stone Antica

Mjolby, Ostergotland Sweden

Bio: Formed in 2005, Swedish rock act Stone Antica was first described as a local funk/rock band. Over the years their sound has developed into something more unique with rougher riffs and louder songs, though their funky roots can still be heard in their music even today. This quartet consists of vocalist Martin Sommansson, guitarist Edvin Egir, bassist Jon Liedberg and drummer David S├Ątermo.

As many others, Stone Antica falls under the category of "one of those struggling basement bands". Since the very beginning they have been writing and recording songs intensively, though it was not until 2008 that they released their first EP, titled A Goddess Kiss. From this six-track record emerged songs such as Can't Get Out and The Grace of a Goddess Kiss, which were played frequently on local radiostations.

After A Goddess Kiss came a three-track demo, which was planned to target record labels in hope of getting signed for a recording contract. But they soon came to realize that a record deal was not really what the band needed at the time. Instead they wrote more songs, and after a few months they started to see something rare develop in front of them. Stone Antica released their debut album on the 1st of September, 2011 and has already had their single They'll Strike You Out played on nationwide radio such as Bandit Rock, Sveriges Radio P4, East FM to name a few...
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