Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis

Paris, France France

Genres:Easy Listening, Classical - Modern/Avant-Garde, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Horror/Suspense, Specialty - Classic - Horror/Suspense, Specialty - Cinematic, Specialty - Action/Adventure
Bio: French composer Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis writes highly rhythmic and evocative Classical music in a tasteful Minimalist style. He has produced and arranged over 30 albums of French songs, and 5 albums as a first round pianist and composer in the duo Artango. Ravel-Chapuis also writes for Film, TV, and Commercials, and his credits include "Are We Still Evolving?" (BBC), "Co2 mon Amour" (French National Radio), and "Book-off" (TV Ad in Japan). From moody and tragic to vibrant and bubbling, his impressionistic Chamber works are perfectly suited for the big screen.
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