Trinity Takeover

Fayetteville, NC United States

Bio: It’s hard to describe the guys from Trinity Takeover. Whereas many bands achieve fame through their recording and travel the world experiencing life as a result of their music, the guys from Trinity Takeover have traveled the world and experienced life years before ever recording a single note or writing a single lyric. It is this experience that helps bring a sense of passion to the songs they write and record.

“For us the music is not about getting famous or showing off where we’ve traveled and so on. As two guys who have seen some of the worst experiences life has to offer in war and blessed to make it back home and experience some of the most joyful moments of life like the birth of our children we just want to share our passion for life and positive attitude through our songs”- Mike-Vocalist

Trinity Takeover’s music is a multicultural blend of reggaeton fused with urban and Latin
rhythms that derive from the individual group member’s diverse backgrounds. Direct and
clear lyrics combined with passionate music and a sincere desire to
inspire people make Trinity Takeover a powerful tool to impact listeners both
young and old. Their First album “Latin Dance Collection Vol,1? has sold worldwide and has been featured on National television networks TLC, Showtime and Discovery Health.

The members of the group, Mike Johnson and Mr. Peoples have both traveled the world together as members of the United States Air Force before coming together as Trinity Takeover.
Trinity Takeovers unique sound derives from the individual group member’s diverse
musical backgrounds. Their cultural backgrounds are as diverse as they come. With
influences from their Puerto Rican and African American backgrounds ; they are well equipped to add a new dimension to the Reggaeton Genre.

Collectively Trinity Takeover brings a great amount of experience in both music and ministry. Their unique music has given them a great opportunity and has allowed them to see rapid growth in the music scene. In their first three months as a group they had already performed in front of thousands.
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