Leeds, West Yorkshire GB

tenBennys Rap Recording Artist and Producer
Bio: TenBennys is rapper, record producer, songwriter and actor born in Leeds in the United Kingdom.

"TenBennys" began after the end of his first recording contract in the forever sunny California city of Los Angeles. After two years living the life of a rap recording artist under the name of Benny Dice, he decided to drop the name "Dice" and added the "Ten" in front.

"I needed to be a lot more stronger and more resilient after leaving Hollywood. I had to re focus to accomplish my goals within the music industry. TenBennys means metaphorically there are now ten more of me to deal with"

After working with the likes of top industry mastering engineer "Brian BigBass Gardener" at the famous Bernie Grundman Mastering studios in Hollywood. Benny prides himself on his work ethic and quality control is of the highest standard. He released his first independent project, an EP which was distributed by legendary major label "Interscope" via Interscope Digital Distribution in December 2011.

Armed with what many have dubbed his distinctive "transatlantic" flow he has released 7 promotional mixtapes to date.

BlackStones Beyond Earth
The Tyrant
Welcome to the Corporation
10th Day
Stone Island
His newest mixtape project Stone Island features production from Toronto based producer Nsane. The two are set to collaborate on TenBennys forthcoming debut LP.

Alongside being a licensed producer for the international corporation Pump Audio / Getty Images, TenBennys has had some small success in the TV and Film industry with features in Sony Playstation's Final Fantasy XV commercial and Channel 4's Top Boy series 2 amongst others.

TenBennys "Success is all down to hard work and dedication"
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