Corle 2 Da

Santa Maria, CA United States

Hip Hop Recording Artist: Corle 2 Da
Genres:HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Old School, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Pop/Modern

Rod Burgett, more popularly know by his stage name "Corle 2 Da" hails from the Midwest. Born on the 23rd of April, in Alton, IL, under the Zodiac sign Taurus, Corle 2 Da, now a solo artist, is the founding member of well known hip hop group Costlofobic. For the past 10 years Corle has worked the St. Louis local music scene distributing mixtapes, singles, videos, and merchandise to the people as a means to be heard. Corle and his group have Performed at well over 200 venues in the St. Louis metro area to date, and now as solo artists, they are looking to expand. When Corle was asked most recently about the "break up" of Costlofobic, this is what he said, "Send the music in three different directions…let it grow…then bring it back together for an even more powerful force….Fobic".

Corle began working as a solo artist in 2009. The group had just released a mixtape, Costlofobic Mixtape Vol. 3, at the end of 2008, so they were pushing that, but in the meantime Corle began penciling some lyrics to side beats that the group might not necessarily want to do a record to. Also at the time, Playa D was doing the same, working on some of his solo material, and former member Tic Toc was time taking some time off from the music, which left less group time, and more solo time. This brings us to the release of the "Mr. 618/I Am Hip Hop" mixtape. This mixtape was basically Corle's stepping out party. The record "Mr. 618" picked up and started GOING thru the streets, and before long Corle gained some serious momentum off the song. He began doing solo sets, and working on his stage performance as well as presence. All the while recording, recording, and more recording. 2010 brought the release of the "Starring Corle 2 Da" mixtape. This mixtape was 28 tracks of Corle featuring on other songs or mixtapes which he never released himself. In July of 2010, Corle released his "So St. Louis" video, in which Corle is basically shouting out to the city in which he grew up in and around, also paying tribute to the artists that paved the way in the area before him.

Corle brought in the New Year, (2011) with the release of his highly anticipated "Digital" single and video. The video features Corle and his accomplice AV on a mission to send their music "Digitally" across the airwaves to reach the masses. The reviews were great, which helped in fueling the sale of the Movement Album which the song "Digital" is one of the main singles! Corle has also released two more videos off of the album Movement, "Facebook JumpOff" and "Dean's List" which can all be viewed on Corle's youtube page at: May 31, 2011, Corle released "Movement" the Album. It features all kinds of topics and subject matter from grinding to partying to just having fun!

In July of 2011, just roughly one month after the release of Movement, Corle put out a solo mixtape titled, "Local Legend". This mixtape is currently in heavy rotation and features collaborations with many artists from the St. Louis Metro Area. August of 2011, Corle put out another mixtape, this being a joint venture with fellow East St. Louis rapper L.M.N.O.P. This mixtape features the two artists putting on for the 618…18 tracks of LMNOP and Corle going back and forth on everything from getting money, to women, to the everyday grind of being an unsigned artist.

What can we expect next from artist Corle 2 Da…Corle has several mixtapes lined up for release through the rest of the year, (2011), expect at least one a month, as well as plenty of remixes, singles, and videos that are all currently in production to be released. Corle is also in the studio recording the follow up album to the Movement, which is currently untitled and expected to be released in 2012 sometime.

Corle has had the opportunity to Rock Stages from Memphis to Chicago, and North Carolina to California! He is currently doing live performances in the LA area, while promoting several mixtapes and the recent release of his Highly Anticipated, Debut, Solo Album, "Movement" (available on Itunes &

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