Sandon Weber

New York, NY United States

Genres:Electronic - Pop, Pop - Electronic
Bio: Sandon kicked off his music career in late 2007 in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and has been going strong ever since. Driven by his own music and lyrical innovations, he began to move forward with his dreams of creating a solo career. He started working with Jared Robinson (Nebulus Entertainment) in late 2008 and finished his debut release titled "Freedom's Last Lost Mile" (released January, 2009). Singles titled 'Red Light District' and 'Take Another Drop' give insight to a life driven by positive motivators in an imperfect world. Sandon later received 2 Western Canadian Music Award nominations in September of that year (Outstanding Christian Recording/Best Album Design). His second album titled "Sonic Synthesis" will feature catchy lyrics driven by synth hook lines and edgy guitars. Sonic Synthesis is set to be released in the spring of 2010 and will be followed up with an independent tour.
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