Thomas Hutchings

New York, NY United States

I'm always listening for inspiration!
Genres:Reggae/Dub, Electronic - Pop, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Pop - Electronic, Blues - Electric
Bio: Thomas Hutchings is a professional saxophonist living in New York City, performing at many events and live music venues, writing and recording music with many talented artists regularly.
“Words barely represent the complete effect of listening to the world and experiencing life around me in my experiences day to day. Music called to me when I was 11. I grabbed on and never let go. From the first moment I ever held a saxophone, I knew that music would be a part of me for the rest of my life. This website is an extension of my musical experiences. If you hear any music that you like, please feel free to support my creativity.”

Thomas Hutchings

As Saxophonist
2014 Travel Well-David Newman- White Swan Records (CNP Horns)
2014 Fabbo Boffo Smasho!-The Halley DeVestern Band Independent (CNP Horns)

2013 The Nevermind Orchestra-The Nevermind Orchestra-Independent
2013 Oh, Manhattan-Single-John Nickles-Ambersongs

2012 Go Places-Shane Patrick-Independent (CNP Horns)
2012 Markeisha Ensley-Markeisha Ensley-Ambersongs (CNP Horns)

2011 Emotional Jukebox-Linda Chorney-Independent (Grammy Nominated) (CNP Horns)

2010 Hollywood Douchebag-Captain Danger-iTunes
2010 The Firemen-The Firemen-Independent (CNP Horns)

2008 Allergic to Gravity-Thomas Hutchings-TEHJR Records

2005 Enchantment-The Niagaras-Charitable Records

2004 Bout Time-Bobby Bell and the Bell System-Independent
2004 Sweet N’ Nasty-Milo Z-Z-Booga Records

2003 Contrasts-Pal Joey-Mother Tongue Records
2003 Hoodoo Man-Jesse Moore-CD Baby

2002 Jimi Hendrix Dossier-Electronica Files-Exile Records
2002 3 Way Calling-Cee Josephs-CJG Production Ministry

2000 Sol 2 Sol-Pal Joey-Dance Tracks Records

1999 Live & Bumpin-Milo Z Arabesque Records
1999 A Lifetime of R&B Volume 1-Carlton J. Smith-Independent

1998 Listen To Us-YO Mama-Vibromonk Records

1997 Report from the Interior-The Niagaras-Charitable Records

As Producer

2010 Alter Ego EPs-Stacie Rose-Enchanted Records

2008 Allergic to Gravity-Thomas Hutchings-TEHJR Records

1999 A Lifetime of R&B Volume 1-Carlton J. Smith-Independent
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