Ed Roman

Shelburne, ON Canada

The Many Faces OF Ed Roman
Bio: The many faces of Ed Roman are revealed through his creative, inventive, animated type form of thinking. His music writes reads and delivers like a fusion between a children’s book and a musical – full of wonder, delight, adventure and expectations.
Since Ed began playing, studying and writing music in the early 80’s he had diversified into many fields of music. You can say he’s had his hand in every facet of the creative process; from studio musician, songwriter, live performer and teacher. He has also been part of several bands including Brotherhood, Family Tree, Soup, Big Beat Collective and Special Ed and the Musically Challenged.
On May 26, 2011 Ed Roman released his latest CD titled “Oracles & Ice Cream”. The single “So I Breathe” leads the way with an upbeat, hand clapping song. “It’s a song that was written to uplift everyone in troubled times…” states Ed. In fact, listen to the lyrics and you’ll realize that life is great in spite of obstacles that one may face. Sung with emotion, free spirited with an almost floating feeling, this song truly makes your soul soar.
As a composer Ed Roman is clever in placement of lyrics and sound. As a musical arranger, it takes innate skill to blend so many different types of sounds and textures together. Whether he writes funky jazz or fusion rock or urban folk music, there is one of many common threads that run through his songs, creativity, innovation, strong rhythms, layered vocals and harmonies and professional productions. He has crisp vocals with a playful type of animation to it which is the icing on this fabulous cake.
“Intellect in music has its own sexiness”, states Ed Roman. “Music is missing that ‘change the world’ feeling. I don’t think we’ll ever see another John Lennon, but with my soon to be released CD “Oracles and Ice Cream” music is intelligent and sexy again…and may just change the world after all”.
Ed Roman prior releases include:
Special Ed and The Musically Challenged – “Are You OK”
Special Ed and The Musically Challanged – “Uncle Ed’s Farm”
Special Ed and The Musically Challenged – “Electric Beauty”
Bit Beat Collective – “Move Into the Sound”
Big Beat Collective – “Fingerprints”
Brotherhood – “Happy”

He has recently played at The Jay Stoyan Show (Jay Stoyan’s Rock Concert) this past August, 2011 and on Mad River Rocks (Singhampton Ontario) on August 27th. He is currently seeking an agent as he tends to tour as soon as one is acquired.

Important dates to mark on your calendar:
• Ed Roman will be part of this year’s FoodStock to stop the Mega Quarry in Dufferin County on October 16, 2011. You can get more information by logging onto http://canadianchefscongress.com/2011/07/07foodstock-in-melancthon-township-October-16-2011/
• Ed is also going to do a radio interview on Acoustic Planet on http://88.1fmradio.ca. Please log onto this website for date and time.
• Ed will be part of the Golfapalooza. You can get more information on this event at http://events.linkedin.com/golfapalooza-2011-Memory-G-Bain/pub/748321

You can listen to and/or purchase any of his songs or full albums by logging onto the following websites:
Band Camp
www.promofm.com (Search: Ed Roman)

Ed Roman is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:
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