Capital Zen

Argyle, NY United States

Genres:Kids/Quirky, Funk, Reggae/Dub, Electronic - Electro, HipHop - Old School, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Specialty - Sports, Specialty - Promo Music, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock
Bio: Hi there! Ricky K'Nicky here representing the MPU (Mobile Party Unit), powered by Capital Zen.

If you're like me, you've been in this position before; it's 2:30 in the morning, jones-ing, ain't got no place to be. You think to yourself, "What am I gonna do with all this pent-up energy?" Then, lo and behold, I discovered Capital Zen and the MPU!

Sure, it's a big white van that would look more appropriate with "Free Candy" spray painted on the side, but when these guys pop out of the MPU (a.k.a. Steely Van), all bets are off!

So, what does this Capital Zen have to offer, you ask? According to Garret K. Woodward of, they'll serve you "Whiplash transitions. Kick-you-in-the-crotch percussion. Cat-scratch guitar riffs. Swampy bass hooks. It's all there. The ideal recipe for a progressive jam stew."

Hot on the heels of the release of their latest studio effort, Fancy Balloon Animals (trust me, it's fancy), CZ have hit the road with their MPU, and they're not gonna take it slow. Their ever-growing current draws you closer to awe - they'll fly you to the top of the mountain and float you over waterfalls. It's no sweat for these cats! They will even reveal to you the colors of the future. Most importantly, they'll make you feel icky all over just like me, Ricky K'Nicky!

If all that originality isn't enough for you, CZ comes fully equipped with serious bust-out power covers by bands like Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Talking Heads, Mr. Bungle, Frank Zappa, and a whole lot more. This musical monstrosity plays(slays?) for the crowd and gets them on their feet! There have even been sightings of people floating off the ground in front of the stage, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Still not convinced? CZ have not only played(slain?) over 100 shows all over the Northeast over the last year, but have performed at Camp Bisco 9/10 and other numerous regional festivals, shared the stage with Kung Fu, Beduin Soundclash, Rustic Overtones, Melvin Seals w/JGB, Into the Presence (feat. Tim Alexander from Primus), Chali 2na, The Breakfast, Jimkata, Wyllys, and countless others. These crazy sons 'o bitches even brought Jake Cinninger from Umphrey's McGee onstage to melt faces with them at a UM afterparty they were hosting. I still haven't recovered!

Avoid disappointment and future regret. Check Capital Zen out now! For booking, call Dan @ (518) 588-2348 or Terry @ (518) 683-0111. You can also shoot them an e-mail at if talking on the phone makes you nervous.

Remember - I'm not only the spokesperson, I'm also a very satisfied client!

–Ricky K'Nicky
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