San Francisco, CA United States

Genres:Alternative Pop, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Scott Reyns is an artist/producer/actor in San Francisco who has been creating original industrial pop/rock music under the moniker Stormdrain since the mid-90s. Co-writers and/or live band members have most recently been Chris Garber, Oliver Marsh and Jason Silva, previously Ninos Oshaana, Steve Molinari, Kevin Allen and Don Jasper.

In 95-98 the act released various demos, played select live performances and entertained some label interest at both independent and major levels however signed no offers, partially due to differences within the band. Afterward Stormdrain continued to release demos and perform live, then took a break until returning in late 2004 to independently release "The Immovable Objection," its first commercially available record.

To date, Stormdrain's live appearances have kept to Bay Area venues (e.g. The DNA Lounge, Cactus Club etc.) mainly playing supporting or opening slots for other industrial/goth acts (e.g. Imperative Reaction, 16volt, Diatribe, Switchblade Symphony, Deathline International etc.).

In the wake of shows played in '06-07 Stormdrain eventually went back into a state of general remission for reasons mixed; both internal and external to the band. Upon completing a studio renovation in 2009 Scott Reyns has become increasingly busy as an actor and musically has started "taking things in new directions; to places I'm actually quite excited about so not rushing." Others who have worked on Stormdrain previously are now pursuing other projects and paths from musical to otherwise.
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