7 Sharp 9

Marietta, GA United States

Bio: It's hard to pin down what 7 Sharp 9 is. They've had pop, rock, ballads and hard rock songs all on commercial radio across the country. This year their new COUNTRY single "Can't Wait" will be making it's way onto commercial radio. The only way to know who they are and what they do is to listen to the music, and see them live.

There's no shortage of material. 7s9's 3 albums and new single are available everywhere online.

There's no shortage of live shows. The band has enjoyed a full tour schedule for years with no end in sight. 7 Sharp 9 Is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and plays local shows all over the area. They've played hundreds of shows across the country, from Seattle to Key West.

The band has opened for National acts Collective Soul, Sister Hazel, Edwin McCain, REO Speedwagon, The Romantics, Sugar Hill Gang, Lonestar, Tyler Hilton and Aslyn.

Television networks VH-1, MTV, E! Network, Bravo, A&E, WE, National Geographic and HGTV have licensed 7 Sharp 9 songs for their shows.

7 Sharp 9 has an appreciation for all styles of music, and that comes out in their songwriting. Melodies are crucial, chord changes key. The band truly loves to play, and that's obvious when you see their fun, high energy shows.
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