The Sour Notes

austin, TX United States

At Emos (Austin, TX) with White Rabbits (Brooklyn, NY)
The Sour Notes are a band from Austin, TX. They formed in 2008 and since then self-released 4 albums, 2 seven inch records, played 150 shows and toured up the east coast (and into Canada) 4 times. The will be on tour again July 2011.

Their 4th album, 'Last Looks' was recorded by the band (and some by grammy award winning engineer Steve Christensen, who has mixed every record by the band except 'Last Looks'), mixed by Matt Smith at Hot Tracks ( in East Austin and mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge in NYC ( They released it thanks to a succesful campaign ( on February 17th 2011 at The Mohawk in Austin, TX. The fine folks at documented it:

They are currently working on an 10" vinyl EP which will be recorded in the studio to tape and mastered to vinyl, set for release in late 2011. They will be touring during summer 2011 and late fall 2011 to CMJ.

From Wikipedia:
"The Sour Notes formed initially as the moniker for singer/songwriter Jared Boulanger's solo recording project while living in Houston, Texas. Upon finishing what would later be his debut album The Meat of the Fruit in 2008, Boulanger then asked long-time friend Chris Page to join him in creating a performing band in Austin. There, they met drummer Travis Hackett and bassist Brandi Dipietro through mutual friends and recorded their first collaborative effort, second album Received in Bitterness in 2009. After a brief East Coast tour in support of the album, the band recorded 7-inch single, Never Mix, Never Worry which displayed a new direction for The Sour Notes' characteristically evolving sound. Later that year, multi-instrumentalist Elaine Greer joined the band during the recording of their third album It's Not Gonna Be Pretty[1] which was released in January 2010 to much critical acclaim. Following a 2-week tour in support of the album, The Sour Notes were selected as an official showcasing artist at the 2010 SXSW Music Festival, opening for We Are Scientists at the Official SXSWi Closing Party and Daniel Johnston's only Austin, TX show that summer. The band spent a majority of 2010 performing with new members Amarah Ulghani, Kelly DeWitt, Erin Mikulenka and Taylor Steinberg, playing over 60 shows in and around the US that year, including the Free Press Summer Fest in Houston, Pitter Patter Fest in Toronto and the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. At the turn of 2011, The Sour Notes toured the East Coast, released 7-inch single Hot Pink Flares and their 4th album Last Looks[2] in early February, which featured orchestral pop band Mother Falcon who performed on the album. In March 2011, The Sour Notes were invited to play at the 35 Conferette in Denton, Texas and are scheduled to perform at the 2011 NXNE Music Festival."

'Fourth LP Last Looks is a grand pop album that manages to expand in all directions at once. Like 2009's Received in Bitterness, guitarist Chris Page lends serious edge to heavy, sinister opener "Nothing's More Contagious Than Evil" and chaser "Hot Pink Flares," which closes with a slow, Phil Spector-influenced swoon...The Wall of Sound treatment continues in the buoyant flourish of "Big Dreams," which, like most of Last Looks, gets embellished with horns and strings courtesy of Mother Falcon.' - Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle (

"'Last Looks'...simply is a flat-out perfect set of sweet, ultra-melodic, shiny-clean power-pop songs, with all the rough edges sanded smooth and a damn near flawless sense of what pieces should go where. The latter part’s particularly crucial here, by the way, considering that each track here is like its own little mini-symphony, with different movements, crescendoes, and denouements." - Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock (

"Never short on hooks or ambition, The Sour Notes play brittle pop for star-crossed post-grads…on rising tides of lonesome guitars and glimmering synths, the band patiently builds its postmillennial laments, making the occasional nod to Krautrock and frequent concessions to soundtrack-worthy mood."-Erik Adams, The Onion AV Club

"Somewhere between Fountains of Wayne's Teflon hooks and the Shins' minor-key reveries, The Sour Notes...emote anything but the same ol' song and dance, especially here in cow town." - Raoul Hernandez, The Austin Chronicle

“Sharing stages with We Are Scientists, Daniel Johnston (during his only show in Austin), Marnie Stern and High Places, the Sour Notes has begun to build its touring reputation on the brink of its newest release due out in February. Backed by Mother Falcon and its newly revolved cast of characters, Last Looks is a milestone for the band as it departs from using heavy synths and cool sounds for filler, and move onto what Boulanger describes as a more “songwriter-y” sound.” Brianne Galli, College Music Journal

“And that second incarnation is pretty much where the band’s Hot Pink Flares 7? picks up. The title track is immediately more brash and guitar-heavy than anything I’d heard from the band before now, with the band trading in the delicate synths for OK Go-ish fuzzed-out guitars, sweeping melodies, and dense orchestration.” - Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock

“The Sour Notes somehow keep striking while the iron’s hot. After another stellar 7-inch released late last year, the local indie pop outfit is garnering support for the vinyl pressing of its latest, Last Looks. The official release party takes place at Mohawk on Feb. 17, but you can catch a preview Feb. 12 at Arthouse at the Jones Center (700 Congress Ave) as part of Graham Hudson’s exhibit, Rehearsal at the Astoria.” - Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle

“Also in purple marble comes the Sour Notes, closing its ripe 2010 with "Hot Pink Flares" b/w "Psych Thrill," a chip off the pop personables' second disc Received In Bitterness. It's a leap forward once again, a guest shot by Mother Falcon soaring the two tracks into "Pink" soul and twitching "Thrill(s)." Poptart.” - Raoul Hernandez, The Austin Chronicle

“The Sour Notes don’t have a gimmick- they just make solidly innovative pop songs. The songs can sometime be so intricate- they seem mellowly simple. That’s what makes good clean pop. If nothing else they are easily one of the Austin acts to keep an eye on in 2011- a marriage of poetic love songs and love gone wrong songs resulting in earnest angst & sentiment.” -John Gross, Party Ends

"For a band as prolific as the Sour Notes, the quartet has not only proven remarkably excellent in their quality of output, but also continue to impressively push themselves in new directions. Each release, beginning with the 2008 EP The Meat of the Fruit, has taken their instinctive pop-rock pulse and expanded their sound in arrangements and sensibilities." - Doug Freeman, The Austin Sound’s-not-gonna-be-pretty-sr/
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