Calis Bain

Sacramento, CA United States

Cali Bain
Bio: Calis’s passion for music made him hunger for success when he got his first break performing at local shows in his hometown such venues like African World Festival, Friendship Social & Entertainment events and later at Nightclubs.
Inspired by lyrists of the hip-hop music industry, Calis understands how to best make his mark while leaving a personal signature, and a unique impact on the hip-hop music industry just as many other artists before him. Calis Bain remains true to his passion for music! The daily hustle and grind of writing, recording, co-producing and doing live performances, to display his talents.
He was featured on several artist songs at the age of 15 years old; and later released his own CD ‘GOT EM’ LOOKIN’. Copies distributed throughout the streets of Milwaukee, WI, Marion, IND; including Sacramento, CA, San Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA.
His one burning desire is to make it out of the struggle, and to become successful in the music industry, with the blessing of his musical talent. Calis believes that when God designed man he provided him with everything that he needed to succeed throughout the journeys of life; that the only thing worse than failing, is not trying at all.
Sacrificing everything except his musical talent, Calis Bain left Milwaukee and journeyed to California to make his mark in the music industry.
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