Marc Egea

Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona Spain

Cristina Martín
Genres:Kids/Quirky, Classical - Modern/Avant-Garde, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Early/Renaissance/Medieval, World - Spanish, World - Other, World - Middle Eastern, World - Asian - Mainland
Bio: Marc Egea (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, 1973)
At the age of eight he began studying the flabiol (Catalan whistle) and music theory. He graduated in philosophy at the Central University of Barcelona in 1997. As an instrumentalist, since 1996 he has specialised in the Hurdy Gurdy. He attended two courses organised by the “Asociación Ibérica de la Zanfona” (Hurdy Gurdy) with Gilles Chabenat (1997) and with Valentin Clastrier (1999) and one organised by the Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius with Pascal Lefeuvre (2001). He studied harmony in a private academy. He studied Armenian duduk in ACAB (Barcelona).
He began his career as a professional musician in 1992 with the trio Músics de Safeu. He has collaborated as a performer on recordings with various groups and artists in the worlds of traditional, ethnic and experimental music. He has been a founder member of a number of traditional, ‘re-invented' or experimental music groups. On a number of occasions he has worked as a musician with dance groups. He is an ex-member of El pont d'Arcalís, one of Europe's most prestigious folk groups, with whom he recorded four discs. He has performed on stages across worldwide.
He currently forms part of the “BIB” (Improvisers Band of Barcelona). He is the director of the fanfare “Big Bang Valona of Sant Pol de Mar” with whom he recorded, with Anna Maluquer, the album Rau-rau (TINTA INVISIBLE, 2012). He is member of the ethno-jazz quartet “Kaulakau” (with whom he has recorded three CD’s, Bernoiver, DISCMEDI, 2008 and In Fabula, DISCMEDI, 2010, winner of the best folk album of 2010 by the magazine Enderrock), Mare Uut, with the Cobla Sant Jordi – Ciutat de Barcelona, DISCMEDI, 2013 and Homo Kaulakensis, DISCORDIAN RECORDS, 2014); he is member of the acoustic “Maram Trio”, with Mariona Sagarra (voice) and Marina Albero (psalterium) with whom he recorded the album Sonos (AUTOEDITION, 2014). He form duo with the pianist and keyboard player Peter Skuce, with the acordionist Cati Plana and with the percussionist Mauricio Molina. Member of the trio “Dindùn”, with Alessandra Patrucco (voice) and Angelo Conto (piano) with whom he recorded the album Majin (AUTOEDITION, 2014). Member of the improvised music trio “As Três Ladeiras” with Adele Madau (electric violin) and Eduard Altaba (double-bass) with whom he has released the album Secret Ingredients (DISCORDIAN RECORDS, 2014). He collaborates with the “Trio Barroc del Cafè”, with Joan Vives (recorder), Mireia Ruiz (harpsichord) and Daniel Regincós (baroque cello) playing French Baroque music for hurdy-gurdy.
He was a resident member of the Contemporary Music Festival LEM (2002-2003), whose director Víctor Nubla, commissioned him to write a composition for the Banda Municipal of Barcelona (premiered 31st October 2003).
He works in the contemporary dance world with Alexis Eupierre (for whose show Amarduele he has written the music), Àngels Margarit, Vika Kleiman and Isidre Rebenaque.
He works in the world of poetry with the poets and rhapsodes Anna Maluquer and Salvador Giralt. And he form duo with the actor Marc Sampere "Marquet" with the show Plantar cara a la vida, with whom he published a book CD with the same title (3i4 EDICIONS, 2013).
He was composer of musical pieces for theater (La disputa de l’ase and Senyor Gripau, Senyora Mort, directed by Albert Mestres). In addition he was composer for poetic and musicals performances: Les ratlles del món, with the poet Francesc Ten, with whom he has produced a CD called Les ratlles del món (AUDIOVISUALS DE SARRIÀ, 2003), Sonets de Shakespeare per a viola de roda, actor i actriu (premiered in April of 2004), Coromines i els poetes (premiered in November 2005), Salvatge cor of Albert Roig (2002-2007), Salflorvatge of Ester Xargay (premiered in April of 2011).
With Peter Skuce he composed the music for the Diocesan Museum of Lleida (opened in December of 2007).

He has composed of several works – for brass ensemble, symphonic band, chamber music, choral, catalan cobla, etc.

As a soloist he has recorded the CDs: D'aquí, d'allà i de més enllà (TECNOSAGA, 2002), Melanocetus (Producciones Efímeras, 2005), Karagöz & Hacivat (Petxina, 2005), Helionora, (COSTELLAM, 2008), Glimpse (AUTOEDITION, 2009), Four Elements (AUTOEDITION, 2011), Chuveirinho (iTunes, 2011), Flower of Death (SEVERAL RECORDS, 2011), Gulliver ( DISCORDIAN RECORDS, 2013).
He was professor of hurdy gurdy at Barcelona's Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius and he was professor of tabor & pipe for childs in the "Tallers Arrels" of the Catalan Government. He has written a hurdy-gurdy method, called Iniciació a la viola de roda (DINSIC, 2008). He is currently professor of tabor & pipe at the Music School of Arenys de Mar (Barcelona).

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