Amityville, NY United States

Bio: Predestined is a 3 member rock project from New York City. The mission is to enlighten, encourage and produce great, positive rock music that fewer and fewer people are getting to hear these days.
The band features Mike Parenti, lead vocals and guitar. Stew Wenig,bass guitar, and vocals, and Joe De Francesco on drums.
The music is influenced by classic and modern rock. Acts like Chevelle, Staind, Fuel, Lifehouse, as well as The Beatles and The Who have shaped Parenti's songwriting.
Two of Mike's songs, The Prodigal and Hold On To Your Dream recently made the semi-finals in the 2012 UK Songwriting Contest. The band was named Best Rock Band on X-Site Radio in 2008. Internet radio throughout America and Europe has spun several songs from the first 2 albums. They were also participants in the NYC Greenspace "Battle Of The Borough's" one of 11 bands chosen out of more than 50 to participate in the Queens borough round.
Here's a quote from an online review by Vents Magazine concerning Predestined's new CD, Volume 2: "How many bands actually make music for others to learn? We find more and more of these groups that don’t really deal with the spiritual life of the individual in favor of creating songs with dual meanings that can be easily confused with, let’s say, another cheesy romantic song. However, bands like these folks truly have something meaningful with them."  The album also received a favorable review from New Thought Magazine in their Winter 2013 issue.
Predestined formed as early as 2005 with the 3 musicians practicing every Saturday in a basement on East 109th Street in upper Manhattan. The three were, Mike Parenti, Eddie Ramos, and Joe De Francesco. Mike, the groups songwriter working as a nutritionist by day in New York City, and writing songs by night put the group together and gathered songs he had written the previous 3 years to show the guys. Out of those sessions came the debut CD Predestined as well as the most recent release, Volume 2.
Eddie Ramos, has since moved on and has been replaced by Stew Wenig on Volume 2, though Eddie does appear on 3 of the albums tracks.
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