Chi City

Columbus, OH United States

Chi City by Frank Antonio
Bio: In a time where the rap game is watered down with gimmick rappers and bland, predictable lyrics and unoriginal concepts, Chi City™ is a lyrical assassin whose rhymes take you back to a time when the industry was filled with true, heartfelt Hip Hop music. Hailing from the South side of Chicago, Chi City™ is set to be the new leader of Hip Hop; bringing originality back to the rap game with a fresh, raw flow, and mid-west flavor. Getting back to the essence of rapping, Chi City™ has the witty storytelling techniques of the late, great Biggie Smalls, sick lyrical word play of a Lil Wayne or Jay Z, and an uncanny ability to switch up his flow in ways that sound like none other. Track to track, verse to verse, he has the skills and talent to compete with anyone in the game today.

Growing up in Chicago’s infamous gang culture, Chi City™ has the street credibility to appeal to anyone in any hood in any city and the lyrical substance to attract the hardest of “Hip Hop Heads”. Chi City™ explains, “Everybody around me was in a gang so I really didn’t have a choice. I took what I saw around me and put it on paper.” Match those qualities with industry knowledge and business savvy and you have an artist who can also solicit the mainstream pop culture by producing familiar, commercial tunes as well as gritty street inspired anthems. His latest mix-tape Who Is Chi City?, which hit the streets in late April 2011, heralds the arrival of this ultra-talented entertainer able to intrigue the masses. The eighteen track mix-tape is filled with blazing singles including club record “What It Is” produced by Mississippi-based producer Da Monsta, “Mr. Blue Sky” which contains a sample from a song of the same name by the English rock group Electric Light Orchestra, and a catchy, radio-friendly track called “Aw Baby” guaranteed to be a hit with the ladies. Track #8 of the mix-tape “Remember The Times” was featured the main page and blog of music mogul 50 Cent’s website,

At twenty-three years of age, Chi City™ already has nearly twelve years in the game. Initially inspired by a performance by Lil Bow Wow as a child, the mind of a lyrical genius was sparked at the tender age of eleven. By the age of sixteen, Chi City™ was already making a name for himself throughout Chicago from freestyle battles to talent shows. Other than being an artist himself, Chi City™ is also a skilled recording engineer who has recorded over two hundred artists across the Midwest. The ambitious entrepreneur has had his own entertainment company, O.M.O. (On My Own) Entertainment, and recording studio since the age of seventeen and has been earning money by ghostwriting for other local artists and helping these artists market and promote mix-tapes which he produced himself . “Personally, I feel if the rap thing doesn’t work out, I still wanna do music … I love putting music together even more than me actually recording it myself”, says Chi City.

In the early stages of his career, he made a name for himself by ghostwriting for some of Chicago’s hottest local talents from Killer Ward and Goon Squad to artists affiliated with Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. MUSIC. Over the years, Chi City™ has gathered skill as a songwriter, taking his influences, like Jay Z, Kanye West, Twista, Do or Die and Ludacris, and using them to shape his own style. Today his penmanship has also secured him ghostwriting gigs with several of today’s top artists on Atlantic Records including B.O.B. and Diggy Simmons.

Chi City™’s skillful delivery and performance has led to many invites to perform at various showcases across the nation. In 2007, Chi City™ was chosen as one of 80 artists to perform at Slip N Slide DJs 1st Annual Artist Showcase in Florida and invited to perform at the Slip N Slide DJ Convention held with Block Ent and other labels as well as asked to represent Slip N Slide as one of their On The Grind artists. In 2009, Chi City™ was also chosen to perform at the B.E.T. Artist Showcase held in Columbus, Ohio which landed Chi City™ a chance to join a 10 city tour with Philadelphia Freeway as the start of a onslaught of performances throughout the summer of ’09. In 2011, he has also performed at’s Ultimate Underground Artist Showcase and received rave reviews from G-Unit execs in attendance which led to his win of the 7th round of’s Independent Fridays. Due to his ever-building buzz in the Midwest, Chi City™ was asked to perform at the Chi-City Record Pool in Chicago, IL and the Going H.A.M. Midwest Showcase in Goshen, In.

The lyrical master has built a massive following not only in Chicago but all over the Midwest reaching all the way to St. Louis. With prominent regional success, Chi City™has also gained fans in New York, Miami, Texas, Cali, and Baltimore, and even abroad due to projects with overseas artists and DJs including Zambia’s Crisis and DJ QJay of Belgrade Serbia. A well respected player in the underground ranks, he has also linked up with some of the hottest artists on the independent circuit, teaming up with Cory Gunz, the son of New York rapper Peter Gunz, Grand Finale an independent artist based out of New Jersey, and Zac Fresh and Corey Jarell both of Ohio to produce blazing hot tracks.

Staying true to his roots, he is a bonafide hustler in the game using the Internet as well as other avenues to increase his status. Staking his claim on the World Wide Web, has been launched featuring not only Chi City™’s music and news but gossip, interviews with models and other artists including major artist Wiz Khalifa, Nelly’s 2011 Ms Apple Bottoms, Jessenia Vice and more. Chi City™ also is reaching over 10k listens of his mix-tapes on Chi City™ has also utilized the press to his advantage. He has been featured in Chicago’s Street Edition magazine as well as on As Is DVD and ChiTown’s Finest Blog on Cap City Views has called Chi City “a breath of fresh air”, The Shoot Magazine named Chi City™ “The New Face of Hip Hop”, and industry insiders are confidently predicting that Chi City™ will be a part of XXL Freshman Class of 2012. Young Elite Mag,,,, and many more have featured Chi City™ and YoRaps will be adding Chi City™ to their “Next To Blow” line up as well. Staying on his grind and working tirelessly to progress and become a hot-item in the underground, Chi City™ is content with his accomplishments as an independent artist yet is always hungry for more.

In a weakened state of Hip Hop, Chi City™ feels like he’s on top of his game and can outshine the majority of the hottest artists in the mainstream. “I feel that I’m gonna be the next big artist to break out of Chicago and really put Chicago in the spotlight like the south is…”, explains the lyrical rhyme pusher. Armed with immense lyrical ammo and a legitimate authentic style that harks on the glory days of Hip Hop, he is more than ready to take on the masses. When asked “What impression do you plan on leaving on the game?”, Chi City™ responded by saying “I want to bring hope to the young aspiring artist. I want to be the inspiration and the one who folks look up to when they want to hear good music.” His music illustrates how he persevered through unfortunate events in his past and uses the knowledge he gained as a child to stay motivated and continue perfecting his craft. Chi City™ is always driven to make music that his fans can vibe to. He’s ever present in the lab continuing to work steadfast on creating a new formula for success. He has all but mastered the underground level and is prepared to break through to the masses and reach commercial success without “selling out”. Without any doubt, Chi City™ is as ready as ever to join the music industry’s Hip Hop elite.
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