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NuSkool (M.C. Dabz & Lady Bree)
Bio: Nuskool
Nuskool is a brother sister group comprised of M.C. Dabz and Lady Bree. Originally from Miami, Florida, they moved to California to pursue an acting career in 2006. While working on the casting calls, they decided to enter a talent show with their original music. They won first prize, beating out other participants that were older. With that unexpected win, they decided to take it a step further and completed the recording of their first CD “No Parents Allowed”. It was released on April 1, 2011.
Nuskool are highlighting a few of their singles on this debut release such as “Cakin”, Come On”, “Spotlight”, “Don’t Stop, Don’t Quit” and "Just Wanna Have Fun". Yes, it seems that they have quite a few hot hits on their hands. One particular single “Cakin” is about a guy that is falling for a girl and she has him a little nervous. Vocal echo’s with a great hip hop beat, young and fresh to listen to. This one is surely a hit. The arrangement is top notch and those young voices are wondrous to listen to.
As with the other highlighted songs, they are all full of fun a great young energy is clearly present. The songs have a club feel to them, with poppin beats, great rhythms, nice catchy verses and just a compilation of great refreshing hip hop music. Every song is clearly different from another which makes you want to stay tuned in.
“No Parents Allowed” has been released in both digital and its physical format.
At this time Nuskool is working on performing at schools but are open to expanding out to other arenas.
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