Eric Karl

Wilmington, DE United States

Eric Zoeckler
Bio: Eric Zoeckler began his musical career in the 1970’s heyday of the Washington D.C. music scene lead by the likes of Danny Gatton, Robert Gordan, Tom Principato and the Nighthawks. Eric cut his musical teeth on D.C. style rockabilly and country blues studying with the legendary Billy Hancock of Danny (Gatton) and the Fat Boys. Eric traded licks with and learned from some of the best blues, country and rock players from all over the East Coast. By the age of 15 Eric was hitting all of D.C.’s hottest blues and open jams, learning to make his guitar sing, weep and scream. Eric also began to take on a lead role in many bands, holding down not just the guitar but lead vocals as well.

While earning both college and masters degrees, Eric played and recorded with many original bands and started to write songs and develop his own singing style. Blending blues, R&B and country, Eric developed a playing and singing style that easily crossed musical boundaries and incorporated the best of each.

Eric followed his passion for American roots music all throughout the 1980s – 2000, playing with country, blues, Americana and R&B bands from Maine to Florida. Paying his dues in smoky bars and learning his craft the old fashioned way, Eric Zoeckler evolved into a true American roots artist. Eric’s soul stirring guitar work and passionate vocals reflect years of pursuing a musical passion.
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