Blue Sour

Rochelle Park, NJ United States

Genres:Disco, Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: Blue Sour is NYC's up-and-coming eclectic alternative/pop/rock band, combining the best of classic styles with today's touch!

The band was formed in October of 2007 in Chile, with original members Benjamin "Kevin" Clarke (vocals), Juan Ignacio Garcia (guitar) and Javier Valenzuela (keyboards, bass guitar). Initially they came together as a cover band but soon they decided to assemble old musical ideas and incorporate new ones. After three years of writing and production, the band presented their first album in December 2010: "S.U.A.D."...a mixture of classic styles going through rock/pop/blues/funk, even reggae...all with an updated sound and today's touch.

Early 2011 Javier returned to the U.S. to promote the project and assemble the team that would now be behind the music (Kevin and Juan are currently pursuing other careers). The lineup features a group of amazing musicians and great people consisting of former musical colleagues of Javier (Jay Rivera on bass and Binh "Austin" Ledinh on guitar) as well as of completely new and fortunate finds (Andrew Long on vocals and Pablo Eluchans on drums). The band is hitting the stages of the NYC area and surroundings, striving to spread the word as much as possible, while work on new music is already underway.
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