Laura Baron

Bethesda, MD United States

Laura Baron
Bio: Song poet Laura Baron is known for her powerful vocals and passionate delivery. She fills the venue with the emotion of her lyrics and the beauty of her voice. People find inspiration and a lightness of spirit in her songs of renewal, second chances and hope.

Laura is the recipient of three Gold Awards from the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. Her most recent CD, Scenes From The Avenue features many of her award winning songs including 2007 and 2007 Gold award winners in the Jazz/Blues category for her songs, Winter Don't Own Me and Kindness Don't Rest Easy,

You can now hear Laura's music on the Pandora radio network

"The songwriting is so appealing...low key jazz-tinted musings...brisk and engaging"- Mike Joyce, Washington Post

"Laura Baron a true study of passionate and soulful music. She delivers a warm message beyond the heart".- Fred Cannon, Senior VP, BMI

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