Nate Evans

Overland Park, KS United States

Genres:Electronic - Pop, Pop - Electronic
Bio: With over a million hits on MySpace and YouTube, Nate Evans is becoming one of the industry's most phenomenal sensations. Entertainment business veteran of ten years, singer , songwriter , dancer , and actor Nate Evans seems to approach the whole world as a stage. His debut singles, "The Test of Time" and internationaly loved hit "Murder Mystery," are but a taste of his highly anticipated project titled, "A New Way". This showcasing of his ability to effortlessly blend Pop and Hip-Hop is often described as sounding like a mixture of "The Black Eyed Peas" and Daniel Bedingfield. Nate is taking his place on stages performing and wowing audiences across America. Nate is on a journey that is sure to take him to higher levels of success with each and every step.
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