Los Angeles, CA United States

Bio: With catchy melodies and screaming guitars, Scour sounds like the long awaited reconciliation of Kurt Cobain and Axl Rose mediated by Jim Morrison.

Armed with a cooler of lunch meat and a backpack full of clothing, singer Chris Jones rode his '82 Yamaha motorcycle on a 3 and a half day journey from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. Chris soon met fellow LA transplant Jason Manoff (from St. Louis) through a mutual affection for music. While Chris's style was heavily influenced by grunge, Jason's style was influenced by blues driven eighties rock. The styles seemed to clash at first glance... yet they curiously played off of each other and Scour was born. Seattle native Will Walz joined the band to bring the bass up a couple of notches. Heather Miller provides her Bostonian beat-down on the drums. Since the band's inception, the creativity has evolved to become a beautifully collaborative process.

Featured in Helios Production's feature film Triple Dog ($1.5 mill budget)

Opened for Platinum selling rock act Fuel

Produced, mixed & engineered by Gold Record credited Rich Mouser (Oleander, Chris Cornell, Rivers Cuomo)

Mastered at Capitol Records by Robert Vosgien (Green Day, No Doubt)

Mtv's --
- Best of Rock chart top 20
- #1 of 196 entries in Hard Rock chart November 2010
- #2 of 636 entries in Hard Rock chart March 2009
- #3 of 374 entries in Modern Rock chart April 2009
- #4 of 211 entries in Hard Rock chart December 2010
- #5 of 269 entries in Modern Rock chart February 2010
- #7 of 428 entries in Alternative chart July 2010
- #7 of 315 entries in Hard Rock chart January 2011
- #17 Best of Rock charts for 2010
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