io perry

los angeles, CA United States

Genres:Country - Alternative, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - New Wave, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: The product of an unmarried hippy couple in Toronto, io Perry's happiest memories involve being raised in a barn while under the care of her starving artist father. Her alternative grade school's curriculum mainly entailed listening to Beatles records, which, although preventing a career in rocket science, did manage to keep her interest and inspire a love of music. As she grew, she supplemented her force-fed Fab Four diet with Nirvana, The Cure, Meat Puppets and the Pixies.

Having moved from Toronto to Montreal to New York, she settled in Los Angeles in 1996, where she has played for such bands as A&M Records' Old Hickory, Project K and The Green and Yellow TV.

After years of touring Europe as hired bass player for hard-edged cult sensations Tito and Tarantula, io has released herself into the wild and picked up the six string in search of her own style. Her debut cd, Greybay (produced by former bandmate Tito Larriva) is seductively cold and sweetly sad with liberating bursts of infatuation and bitterness.

Io’s second solo cd, Split Yourself in Two, embraces the intimate moodiness of Greybay, but has an added enraged-yet-poppy atmosphere that complements her meeker, doe-eyed side. The song Valentine” was featured in Adult Swim’s underrated cult hit ‘Moral Orel”, which also used io's heartbreaking love-dirge "Saturday" from her Greybay album.

io Perry's third cd, "Sailor's Wave," contains her usual sweet, whispery, angst-ridden lullabies while adding a pounding, angry sarcasm that jumps at us straight from her punk rock roots. The effect created is a powerful blend of gentle and rough unrequited love songs, pumped through to us with the calculated brilliance that can only truly emerge from a mercilessly trampled heart.

Io toured Europe in 2009 as a stripped down two- piece band. During that tour, her father, tagged along, spontaneously painting pictures inspired by the music which his unconventional bohemian lifestyle inspired in her.

Upon returning from Tour io settled down to score two seasons of a Adult swim show called “Mary Shelley's Frankenhole”.

Io is presently working on a fourth CD, but is also immersing herself into the world of scoring, as film is fast becoming a major passion of hers.
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