Lawrence, KS United States

husband/wife duo theothermarkmiller (Mark & Heather Miller)
Bio: Press from theothermarkmiller's sophomore album:

"Mark has found a way to take a coffee shop and place it into your headphones, car stereo, or living room. The feel and appeal of theothermarkmiller's sophomore effort will be enough to satisfy both the simplest and the most complex of musical tastes. Jason Mraz, meet John Williams. Norah Jones, meet Sufjan Stevens. St Francis of Assisi, meet Sigur Ros."
-Jeremy Davis (Artist/Producer/Engineer)

"This is a very strong, well crafted, thoughtful and original album. Mark has found his voice and it really shows."

-Paul Nethercott (Producer/Founder and President of the Christians in the Arts Network)

Full Bio:

"In alternate lifetimes throughout history, Mark probably would have been venturing the world with Marco Polo, enjoying deep conversations with Ghandi, following Jesus around Galilee, helping free the enslaved through the Underground Railroad, and been stoned to death 2 or 3 times by the religious right of the day.

Being born in the early 1980's, he is now able to incorporate all of those mythical past lives into his current life as a songwriter - immersing himself in the beauty and intricacies of numerous cultures, listening to and being changed by the stories of the oppressed and exploited, and sharing the best of his journeys with us through honest lyrics, compelling melodies, and every instrument he can get his hands on.

Mark’s past adventures that are actually firmly rooted in reality include: helping build a village for the deaf in Jamaica, hanging out with children in the Mexican slums and Belarussian orphanages, backpacking through Morocco with his guitar, riding camels through the Sahara, living in Japan for a year as an "artist in residence," and recording with Nashvilian/singer/songwriter/producer Andrew Osenga (The Normals, Caedmon's Call).

In 2010, Mark married fellow musician Heather Baker, and theothermarkmiller became a touring duet. 2011 marks a busy year for Mark & Heather, with aggressive promotional and radio campaigns, the release of their second album Things of This World and Things That Aren’t, and a new multi-instrumentalist concert experience reminiscent of Andrew Bird and Ingrid Michaelson.

Together, they invite us into a musical world where love walks beside the afflicted, hatred is repaid with compassion, and true beauty catches us by surprise."
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