Josh Blackburn

Littleton, CO United States

Bio: Josh Blackburn was born and raised in Jackson, MS. He started playing the guitar at age 13 and has been playing and writing ever since. After he graduated from the University of Mississippi, he decided to move to Nashville and do something with his marketing career. He would soon find out that his path was not so easily paved. He was approached by someone with Disney to come and play on one of their cruise line ships in the rock band. It was from there that he decided to pursue music as his career of choice. Through the last ten years Josh has played with some great songwriters. He has shared the stage playing in the Hogs Breath Band with Mickey Thomas, Keith Urban, and one of the guitar players from Firefall. In 2005 he moved from Destin, FL to Denver, CO where he has been playing solo and writing. In 2010 He did his first song "Real World" on the soundtrack for Lonely Street.
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