Rob Jones

concord, NC United States

Bio: Basically my life’s been about music since before I can remember. I was born in Corpus Christie, Texas but I grew up in a moving truck. As my mom tells it, I was singing before I spoke my first word. The coffee table was my stage, her hairbrush was the mic. I started making up songs in the back seat of a car in the second grade. Church choirs, school choirs, singing in plays, hallway jam sessions, I did it all. I love it all. In my writing and singing I dive into those collective human experiences that define us as human beings – love, loss, joy, sorrow, all of it -- to see what I can find and bring back. I want every person who hears the music to feel like it’s a song just for them alone. Cause that’s how I feel it should be, music is for us all and I want to use it to changes lives.
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