Nashville, TN United States

Genres:Country - Contemporary/Pop
Bio: Better Angels was founded in 2007 to bring music and entertainment back to the people – to fans and enthusiasts in search of high quality music, inspired more by the message than the money, And in as short a timeline as possible. After a lifetime of appreciation and enthusiasm, as well as decades of experience in music, media, and major event production, we decided to give in to our first love, original music and entertainment. Based in ‘Music City’ – Nashville Tennessee, Better Angels Music also has offices in New York and Los Angeles. We constantly apply new and forward thinking to focus our creativity on the best way to deliver great music and entertainment to all audiences. Because long after the charts are old; the stores are closed; the critics away for the weekend; and the on air personalities off the air; the people are still listening. They still want great music. Our passion is to create better music and entertainment. One great song at a time.
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