Bri-anne Swan

Toronto, Ontario Canada

a girl with her friends
Bio: Swan's powerful and evocotive take...would give [Gordon] Lightfoot a run for his money.
Artsforum Magazine

A voice sweet as a kiss from an eyelash...and just as seductive.
The Vinyl Experience

Swan has not only amazed with her insight, but her angelic voice and wonderful songs let you know that she is just full of magic.

Delightfully rich, versatile sining...this woman has huge power in her lungs and is also able to sing as sweetly as any songbird.
TO-nite Magazine

We could say that Bri-anne was a former circus performer whose specialty was swallowing flames while walking across tight ropes covered with honey and bees.

We could also say that Bri-anne has received international recognition for her uncanny ability to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in a round by herself.

Or, we could say that Bri-anne is on a black list within the Governor General's office for a massive misunderstanding involving voting rights and Playboy Magazine that hasn't really ever been cleared up.

We could say these things, but unfortunately only one of them is true.

What we can say is that Bri-anne Swan is a young woman who sings and writes songs.

She hopes you like them.

Bri-anne’s love of music began even before Bri-anne existed. “My mother listened to Willie Nelson’s ‘Stardust” over and over again when she was pregnant. By the time I was born she had grown tired of the album. Later on, when I was about two, she put the album on again...and I knew all the words!”

A lot has happened since Bri-anne was a toddler. She has performed with bands such as Tanglefoot, Fathead and Dala. She has toured across much of Canada and Ontario’s North. Her voice has been described as a mixture of melted chocolate and rose petals falling. Her debut album “these are all my friends...” produced by Mitch Girio (Emma-Lee, Kirsten Jones, The Cavaliers, King Apparatus) was released in fall 2009, witht the single "Stars are Falling (and I'm Hungry)" receiving Back to the Sugarcamp's "Song of the Year" from CIUT.

A short follow-up EP, "Ballad of a Canadian Superhero" will be released December 2011.
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