The BS of D

Portland, OR United States

Bio: Vibrating the glass as the subs kick on, bending, flexing, dropping, in fluid motion.On a mission to break REAL windows with sound.
Ascending from a wildly diverse background in music, DJ, Producer-Remixer & Artist The B.S. of D. is no stranger to the sounds and sights that move people.
Growing as classically trained musician and vocalist from a young age, The B. S. of D. found his musical tastes influenced by a highly technical background with computers and audio equipment. After a few years of DJing special events, The B.S. of D. landed comfortably into the digital medium of audio production. A medium that would provide the perfect canvas for creativity to flow, restriction free. A genre-less canvas, in which music can be made to fit any mood, feeling, or emotion.
In 2005 The B.S. of D. was responsible for the creation of a website that would collect over 5,000 remixes of music by Nine Inch Nails. Aptly named the site continues to grow, providing the world with, free remixes from artists all over the world, to download, share, and listen to. The site also played host to a weekly radio show hosted by The B.S. of D. in which hand picked remixes were broadcast live for hours on end.
Now armed with uniquely trained ear for the good, the bad, and the ugly side of production and remixes gives The B.S. of D. a very unique and original edge to anything he touches.
Amidst all the coding and designing, The B.S. of D. was spending time in studios throughout the north west, producing a wide range of genres, and of course, remixing Nine Inch Nails. These remixes have reached over 200,000 listeners, spanning the globe, and continue to gain high marks in remix ratings, often occupying the front pages for months at a time.
During 2010, The B.S. of D.'s "Toughest Skin", a cover of "The Frail" by Nine Inch Nails, was picked up and used for an amazing music video by Aurora Labs, which featured cutting edge technology where CGI and music were one. Shortly after, The B.S. of D. began producing original material for digital release.
In 2011, "Crack The Window", his debut album was mainly an exploration in the Dubstep Genre. It features 6 original tracks, and is available for free on the official website. The B.S. of D. also became an official DJ, on the popular online radio station, spinning hour long seem less sets of dubstep.
Closing off 2011, The New Single "A Million Tanks" by The B.S. of D. was released internationally on Itunes, Amazon, Zune, Rhapsody and Spotify.
Kicking off the year of 2012, The B.S. of D. has a number of projects scheduled for release. Stay Tuned...
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