Jeff Michael

Los Angeles, CA United States

Bio: Jeff Michael was born in Syracuse, N.Y. He came out to Los Angeles to study film music but his heart lead him back to his roots, pop music. In 2007 he released The Other Side which was produced by Dave Cobb and included some incredible musicians. says “Jeff Michael can best be described as a one-man Traveling Wilburys, at least the Tom Petty and George Harrison part of that supergroup. On the band's debut EP, Michael combines Petty's jangle pop and a Harrisonesque voice to fine results, with "When Will I See You Again" and "Straight Line" sounding like outtakes from the Wilburys' Volume One. The John Hiatt-ish "Enjoy The Ride" is another winner, and the EP closes with "Empty Lives", a track heavily influenced by "Tomorrow Never Knows" with its hypnotic drums and backwards guitars.” Currently he is working on a self produced album of acoustic heartfelt music. He hopes to finish by June 2010.
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