Jeff Noel

Gaithersburg, MD United States

Bio: Jeff Noel has been recording music since he was ten years old. It all started with his father’s keyboard. He learned the art of editing the different tracks using film-editing software. That grew into bringing together a garage band. Learning the tools of the trade allowed him to develop a thirst for creation and what creations he’s given birth to.
“St. Delay” is the debut CD that introduces this artist and composer to audiences worldwide to his music. It begins with an electronic journey into a third dimension. Sounds and textures; layers upon layers of pure sound turn into an eclectic spiral of mind bending and thought provoking music. Utilizing as many sounds to describe the emotion of that moment, he begins to manipulate the brain chemistry to envision something out of the ordinary - a mind space continuum. One only needs to listen and allow their thoughts to flow without constraints to enjoy such wonder.

This is Jeff Noel. More of an acquired taste you might say than for average listeners, but he is not an average person. His thought process is different from mere mortals. He sees things in a different way and thus he delivers unique, out of the box, out of the stratosphere, music I have ever heard.

Future projects such as “Fantastica Vol. 1” is going to be the first of many “Fantastica” CD’s. This is a combination electronic and fantastical realism fused into one. This is where the music industry is headed in regards to the commercialism of current movie production and Jeff Noel is right there, primed and ready.

Jeff Noel has the innate ability to capture an emotion, a scene in a movie, a moment in time. What is evident is that his music and the storyline seem to become one. His music has quite an impact. His compositions are slated for movies, TV and other venues of that nature. Give him a scene, a story and he’ll compose circles around it. It’s a talent that not many people have.

You can listen to and learn more about this incredible musician by logging onto the following websites: (Search: Jeff Noel)

Jeff Noel is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:
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