Jack Wyles

Oakland, CA United States

Genres:Kids/Quirky, New Age, Ambient Soundscapes, Funk, Reggae/Dub, Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Production - Electronica, Electronic - Lounge/Chillout, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Ambient, Production - Hip Hop, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Pop Rock, Pop - Electronic, Specialty - Underscores, Specialty - Trailer Music, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Production - Rock, Specialty - Promo Music, Specialty - Horror/Suspense, Production - Hip Hop, Production - Electronica, Specialty - Cinematic, Specialty - Action/Adventure, Rock - Roots Rock, Production - Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, World - Tribal, World - Other, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
Bio: Jack is originally from Ohio, but after attending a Miles Davis concert in Miami Florida, he was swept into the jazz scene of the 70s. It was in Miami where he met bassist, Mark Egan (Pat Metheny Band) and drummer Stu Nevit (Shadowfax), along with many other great players. "Most importantly, I took one on one bass lessons from a "then unknown" Jaco Pastorius. When I met Jaco, I was awestruck. I felt differently when I began studying with him. As a teacher, he was tough. He forced me to reach deeper into myself. He taught me the concepts of scales and arrangement which I use to this day. I also spent many evenings in local clubs listening to saxophonist, Ira Sullivan, who inspired me to later play sax."

Jack returned to Ohio and joined THE SOURCE. This alternative rock band put 2 EPs in the top 20 of the CMJ National college charts. THE SOURCE was part of the Akron Sound that included heavy weights Devo and Chrissy Hynde. "In the 6 years I was with THE SOURCE I learned some serious studio chops. We had our own recording studio. We wrote, produced and recorded mostly original tunes. To this day, I owe my love for the studio to that time.

When THE SOURCE broke up in 1986, Jack settled in San Francisco. "It was at this time that I made a conscious shift from bass guitar to saxophone. Improvisation was key to the sound I was striving for." His next band, IN THE POCKET! was a jazz fusion band that allowed Jack to continue experimenting with blending sounds. It was a short lived project, but the band's album, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PRESENTING IN THE POCKET! was nominated for consideration by the Grammy® committee.

Jack presently resides in Oakland, California. "This city is a musical hub. I have my own studio, and have released 4 CD's on my own record label. I supply the sax and bass, as well as the midi keyboards, production and engineering on most of my tracks." Jack blends elements of jazz with rock, funk, electronic, orchestral, and world music. "I feel a bit like a mad scientist in his lab as I try to push the envelope of these tunes, but what a good time!"

Jack has over 100 songs he has published, and has supplied soundtrack music for several independent movie releases, including internationally released global warming documentary, "COOL IT" and "Celebrating Kaiser's Black History", directed by Juanita Wyles.

His songs are available to be licensed for commercials, video games, and movie/TV soundtracks.
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