Karen Rockower

Brooklyn, NY United States

Bio: From the first moment her voice pierces the air, it’s immediately clear that Karen Rockower is not just another pretty singer/songwriter. Live, she’s a force to be
reckoned with, an ethereal, tattooed beauty with innate powers of mesmerization. Stage presence aside, it’s her voice that spellbinds. Dulcet and pure, yet edged with a raw energy and emotion that entice the audience into her sonic dreamscapes.

The eldest girl and third in a line-up of seven children, Karen’s artistic prowess and nonconventionality were apparent from an early age. Rejecting formal lessons, she taught herself to play piano and then guitar by ear and feel. As a young performer, she cut her teeth singing Gershwin standards at coffeeshops. More recently, she released two albums and criss-crossed the country as frontwoman and co-founder of NYC rock trio Bugs in the Dark. When she’s not writing or performing, one can find her with a tattoo machine in hand, creating
permanent art on other people.

Whales Standing marks Karen’s debut solo effort. Haunting and beautiful, her vocal talents are front and center in this world of creepy lullabies. The 12 tracks journey though her psyche, inspired by her real adventures and rich dream life.
A poetic storyteller, Karen also finds inspiration writing through other people’s eyes. She’s been compared favorably with Joanna Newsom, Jenny Lewis, and Regina Spektor, but it’s becoming clear that Karen Rockower can stand on her own.
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