West Haven, CT United States

Bio: Growing up in the 90's, Troy Robinson and Anthony Hill were heavily influenced by Hip-Hop pioneers. The two fed off the production of Hip-Hop Greats, such as Timbaland, Dr. Dre, J Dilla, DJ Premiere and combing such elements with the storytelling of Jay Z, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

While Troy in Connectict honing his craft as an emcee, Anthony was raised in Maryland. He had to mature faster than most 12 year olds, assisting his mother raise his younger brothers and sisters. In 2003, Anthony made his way North and attended the same high school as Troy. It was one History class the two had where the went "bar for bar" in a cypher and knew it was more to the story.

Five years later they ran into each other through a mutual friend. Just like high school, they rapped for hours over songs that played on the radio. They convinced each other they needed to record material. The duo recorded hundreds of songs before they started to lay down tracks for their first career mixtape "First Step In2 Space". This project proved that the two had no limits and being immeasurable with hot beats and potent lyrics.

Wasting no time after their long awaited debut, the boys were back in the studio a week later recording their second mixtape "Audio Youtube". This second project displayed their knack of storytelling and "painting the picture". JTN even had the opportunity to perform their hit single, "Supamann", live at Soco's in New Haven, Ct. "People ask us all the time, what do you talk about in your music; question is what don't we talk about" Anthony replied.
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