Ryan David Leack

Pomona, CA United States

Bio: Ryan David Leack is a composer and producer from Los Angeles who has completed two solo albums and a variety of compositions for film. His work, consisting mainly of layered guitar melodies, keyboards, drums, and digital effects, has been featured in soundtracks, compilations, and in short and feature films which have won numerous awards, including awards at the Houston International Film Festival, Fargo Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, and Sonoma International Film Festival.

His films have also received distribution deals with companies and networks such as Netflix, Video On Demand, Walmart, and Showtime. Currently his music is available on his ReverbNation store and Facebook, as well as on MySpace and other online stores. Composing scores and contributing songs to soundtracks has been Ryan's goal since his solo projects began, and he is interested in working with filmmakers and auteurs in order to creatively construct new realities and dimensions in film.
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