Molly Bancroft

Redford, MI United States

Genres:Electronic - Electro, Electronic - Ambient, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Molly Bancroft knows how to write a sultry and killer hook, and better yet, she knows how to deliver it with a stunning voice that packs a punch but also contains layers of emotion. Most recently recognized for her vocal and writing collaborations with major international DJs (Gabriel and Dresden #1 Billboaard hit "Tracking Treasure Down," ,chart toppers with Gianluca Motta "Not Alone" Loverush UK, "Fountains of Youth,", Zaa's "Surrender," John Shelvin "Just LIke U Said," and Pulser's "In Deep," there is plenty more music on the way in 2011-12.
Before dance music, Molly was a rocker, lead singer and guitar player in Lift, a popular alt rock band based in Atlanta in the late 90s, followed by a successful solo career and many licensed songs in TV shows.
You can find Molly Bancroft's solo albums (Get Closer, Red Dirt Diaries, Antelopia) and Lift albums (lifelike and September EP) on Itunes and
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