aprilia, italy/ Latina Italy

Genres:Folk, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - Cinematic, World - Western European, World - Tribal
Bio: Composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, orchestrator and sound designer, Stefano Lentini has composed numerous soundtracks for film, television and theatre.
Born in Rome in 1974, his first instrument was a classic guitar made by his grandfather, who was a carpenter, out of some old wardrobe doors. And then came the Renaissance lute, which he studied at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, along with piano, flute, bass, and drums. He has a degree in cultural anthropology and studied ethnomusicology in London.
He is interested in an unconventional approach towards writing film music. He has recently shown it in his last production for Italian Rai Uno, TV movie “Il sorteggio” (2010). What interests him most in composing music is the issue of supplementing picture with sound. You can contact directly Stefano at:
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