Robert Scott

Willington, Derbyshire United Kingdom

Robert Scott
Bio: Robert Scott is an artist, writer, composer and theatre producer who has received praise from the press, producers and professional songwriters. He found his creative drive at the age of 3 when he started to teach himself music he heard on the television and radio. He soon progressed into writing short stories for his classmates at the age of 5 and was writing music at the age of 15.

Robert has directed, produced, composed and written several musicals. His first musical, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST became a sell out in 2006. His second venture production BIZZARE received praise and brought him to the attention of a west-end director. Within a year Robert worked on two new pieces, DOLTERRIS and his self penned play THE TRUTH OF A LIE. Success was soon to follow and Robert formed the theatre company Utopian Artists in 2008. Later that year, Robert composed and produced a one-off show at Her Majesty's Theatre, London which received excellent reviews. More recently Robert has worked as production advisor on INTERTWINED, a new musical by Paul Syrstad and wrote, composed, directed and produced his new musical SCARLETT.

Robert has always had an interest in art and started developing his own artwork as a hobby in 2007. Much of his art was featured as scenery and programme features for his theatre work. However Robert's passion for art has grown and he has recently started work on new stand-alone artwork.

In 2011 Robert is to direct and produce Oscar Wilde's THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY at Robert Ludlham Theatre, Derbyshire and is currently seeking publication of his songs and music.
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