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Martin Haene
Genres:New Age, Easy Listening, Classical - Romantic Chamber, Classical - Modern/Avant-Garde, Classical - Baroque Chamber, Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Promo Music, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, World - African , Latin - Pop
Bio: Martin Haene, born 1979, is a professional and authentic producer, composer and guitar player.

He is a multi-instrumentalist with an own state-of-the-art studio including a large selection of instruments (various acoustic and electric guitars, synths, basses) as well as a great collection of the latest sound-libraries.

He worked for respectively has licensed uses with the following companies, to name a few:

• MTV USA: Placements in the following MTV USA series:
- Pimp my Ride
- Next
- Parental Control
- Denied
- Yo Mama
- Rob and Big
• “Stylista” on CW Network
• Melrose Place (Remake 2009)
• Greek (ABC Family, USA)
• Make it or Brake it (ABC Family, USA)
• Wedded to Perfection (NBC, USA)
• High Society (CW TV, USA)
• ABC Family: Placement of one track in “Lincoln Heights Episode 2008”
• Song in TV Series “Degrassi” (U.S.A., Canada)
• Commercial spots for the fitness centre “Oxygim”, shown in cinemas in Switzerland
• Commercial spot for HSO schools, Switzerland

• Bring it on 5 (Universal)
• Placement in the indie film “Frankenhood” by the company Lionsgate, who also worked on such blockbusters like “Rambo”, “Saw”, “Open Water”.
• Placement in the Feature Film “Graduation”
• 5 Tracks in the Movie “Lippel’s Dream”, featuring actors Moritz Bleibtreu and Uwe Ochsenknecht.

• Nespresso (Switzerland)

CDs and Compilations (extract)
• Earbook “I see blue”, Edel Records (Germany)
• Lounge sampler “Cosmic Chill”, Edel Records (Germany)
• 4 Tracks on the sampler “Hot Salsa!” (Sony/BMG)
• Chue-Lee, “Mi Waeg isch frei”, cut on this top 30-album (Switzerland)
• Abi Ryan, various songs incl. her single “You know I like that”. Aby was the support act of Ronan Keating in the U.K.
• Nicole da Silva, “Affection”. Nicole was the support act of DJ Bobo’s Tour through Germany

Martin Haene is professional, reliable, and easy to work with. He doesen’t require any hand holding, but doesn't have any problems taking and following directions and is able to work fast and in a timely fashion.
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