Hayward, CA United States

Bio: Amidst the multi-genre and eclectic music scene that is the San Francisco Bay Area, the four-piece alternative-rock outfit known as Arzo is creating music that makes a serious statement. With a flair for infusing the familiar with a fresh, original sensibility entirely their own, Arzo has the unique ability to write songs of a diverse and popular style that manage to leave the ladies swooning and the guys singing along. Arzo's unique blend of alternative rock energy and melodic pop songwriting draws upon the band’s travels and experiences to create music rich in emotion, authenticity and life; with a conviction best experienced during emotionally-charged live performances. Their sound gracefully draws from the anthemic moments of One Republic and fragile melodies of Amos Lee, all the while favoring thought-provoking, viscerally-moving choruses that are sure to catch the attention of fans and critics alike
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