Saint Mandre, France

Genres:Electronic - Drum-n-Bass/Jungle, Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz
Bio: Since the release of their 1st album, the trio blew a breath of fresh air on the French Electro world.
Successfully managing the large gap between electronic and instrumental music, the band remains faithful to a very specific approach wich results in some unforgettable performances on stage.
With their Electronica Drum'n'Jazz, MINIMAL ORCHESTRA delivers a dense and energetic music that take its essence as much into progressive music as in the sharpest electronic compositions.
A rich playground fed by fascinating rhythms and dreamy melodies, which gives priority to the musical gesture and improvisation.
"The ideas are there, and so is the technic. " TRAX
Overtaking the genre "Electronica", the trio’s second album offers rich and subtle compositions: a genetic cross between Tortoise and Aphex Twin.
Beyond the dreamlike universe the trio likes to present, this album offers nice surprises; as the featurings with the English Mc Sirplus, giving Jazzy Hip Hop accents.

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