Mister aul

Saint Mandre, France

Genres:Funk, Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Breakbeat, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative
Bio: There is no point in presenting again Mister Aul's feats of arms as the well-known turntablist, the world's number two in DMC (2002,2003 and 2004). After a long story as turntablist, he was naturally led to publish two breakbeat vinyls : “The DJ's temple” in 2001 and “The Guild Breaks”
the following year. One collaboration followed another : Mister Aul scratches on two titles of Frandol's album (Wagram) and on Naab's. On tour with the band Antidote, he met Louise Attaque, , they get along and the band invited him on stage, and left him to do a remix, “Nord o
Sud”, in 2000. Then, he participated with some members of the band to the adventure Ali Dragon (Atmosphériques) on three titles and on the tour. He published a parallel compilation mixed with dj Eanov, "Rue Oberkampf" (Virgin). In 2004 he released on Bloom Records label, his first album D # Compoz fully developed from its decks. The same year he made arrangements for the album "No Bluff Sound" (Wagram), in 2006 he produced seven songs on the compilation "Urban Soul" (Just Music) and makes arrangements for the electro singer Paul Pi (Lasia).

From a genre to another, he pushes their limits, mixing funk, soul, hip-hop and drum'n'bass, he developed in his studio on his new opus Addiction, a merge of all these genres he enjoys.
The meetings with the guitarist William Martel, the bassist Hamida Karim, the singers Vanessa and Noémie and toasters Ryu and Mirage, were decisive for this album which likes to hide scratch, which have build his reputation. A colorful opus which forges links between the today’s and yesterday’s Mister Aul.
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