Saint Mandre, France

Genres:Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Pop, Electronic - Breakbeat, Electronic - Big Beat, Pop - Electronic, World - Other
Bio: Magnetic is the result of the merger of musicians all attracted by the same desire to make something that looks like the union of their differences and attractions. What was initially a two people’s project, led by Yann and Fabrice, with no real idea of forming a band, became with time and the meeting with the singer Andrej 747, and the drummer Miguel Twaite Shad ( Dirty District, Ethnician) a powerful stage band.
After a first album « To Be and To Have », building the bases of their work : a mixture of dub, trip-hop, rock, drum'n'bass, soul ... kind of crossover, they multiply lives shows upgrading their skills and personality.

Their new album Silent Storms, signed on the label Ozore Age, always looking for new talent, pushes a little further the limits of the genre, where the dub is still used as a spine with the ability to compose titles sounding like pop, with their flowing and enchanting melodies.

The flutes and percussion (performed by Nasredine Dalil) are also entering the world of Magnetic, supported, like on the first album, by the enchanting mixes of Sean Henry (Grand tourism, Fakir Music ...).
Magnetic should seduce even the most reticent people by the integrity and personality of his musical universe and desillusioned, intransigent and cynik texts, while opening to the world with subtlety and smatness.

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