Todd Gaynor Band

Brooklyn, NY United States

Genres:Alternative Pop, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: The Todd Gaynor Band was founded in late 2009. After only three months, the band walked into the studio to record their debut album Birth of the Hipster. The Band was formed by Todd Gaynor who attended Oberlin Conservatory where he earned a jazz performance degree on saxophone. He has toured internationally playing saxophone. However, during the summer of 2005 on a trip to his friends beach house. His saxophone was left in the street. Todd was not mad at his friend for forgetting to put the horn back in the trunk after putting his suitcase in but was convinced fate was at work. That night, he stayed up and watched the sunrise and decided it was time to learn the guitar. He soon began writing songs, lots of them. This culminated with the meeting of Drummer Danny Wolf. Todd first played with Danny in the short lived Bang Bang Blue. This was the first time Todd picked up a guitar on stage and talked into a mic. Soon Todd and Danny formed the Todd Gaynor Band with the addition of keyboardist Dave Melton. Dave is from Conn., but has an active gig playing at churches. He really brings that soul and flavor to the band. Then Russ Flynn, a childhood friend of Danny's joined on bass. The two have a deep connection and it can be heard in there solid rhythm section work. They swing in a way that only people that have played together for a long time do. Finally David Linaburg joined, after the first two gigs, on guitar. David is a guitar prodigy and is able to play the songs while constantly bringing a new approach keeping the live show fresh and different every time. The band has not let down audiences. This is a fine introduction to the band.

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