Patchogue, NY United States

Bio: Chris Norris is a New York-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and performer. From 2004-2009 he studied to recieve his Bachellor's Degree in Jazz/Commercial Music, and currently gigs, teaches, composes and performs original music throughout Long Island and NYC.

Chris' tastes are very diverse, and he finds inspiration to write in a large variety of styles; he performs with the metal band Dogs Of Karma (Last Resort Records), whose music can be heard at He also regularly performs jazz, on saxophone and/or guitar, with his quartet, quintet, or as a solo act. Chris can also be seen performing in various cover bands playing classic and modern pop and rock tunes.

His solo material usually represents an outlet for his creaivity that is, for one reason or another, deemed "Outside" of any of these various projects.

To contact Chris, feel free to email him at
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