Orelius III

Terre Haute, IN United States

Genres:Electronic - Pop, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, Pop - Electronic, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
Bio: Orelius Barnett III is an American singer, song writer, and producer born in Indianapolis Indiana but raised in Englewood Ohio. At a young age and throughout his teenage years, Orelius was involved in show choir religiously for the Northmont School District. During his Jr. High and some high school years, Orelius would often travel within the area performing solo acts for a wide range of organizations within the community on behalf of the school district and his personal music instructor.

In 2004, Orelius relocated to Orlando Florida to continue his Education. While working hard as a full time college student and later receiving his degree, Orelius continued to hone in on his musical abilities, teaching himself the essential skills to produce his own music because only he knew the sound he was looking for. The development of his own style of music is one of Orelius’s largest claims to fame.

Currently Located in California, Orelius now owns his own record label, Orel Records and continues to produce music not only for him but for others. Releasing his first cd “Collage of The Mind” through ITunes In September 2009, Orelius has begun making a name for him. Inspired by many types of music but most of all GOD, Orelius continues to make songs that most people can enjoy and relate to saying, “Music is my passion and my true love and I find it to be an easy way for me to communicate my feelings”.
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