Charles Hedgepath

Greenville, SC United States

Genres:Folk, Easy Listening, Gospel/Religious, Reggae/Dub, Country - Classic, Country - Alternative, Jazz - Latin , Jazz - JazzPop/Light Jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Jazz - Free/Avant-Garde, Jazz - Bebop/Traditional, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Christmas/Holiday, Blues - Electric, Latin - Jazz
Bio: Charles Hedgepath is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is talented enough to write and play multiple musical forms, including jazz, folk, funk, western swing, country, bluegrass and more. Holding true to the belief that getting involved with more is better than settling for the same old song anddance, Hedgepath constantly strives to network and collaborate with as many talented musicians as he can. And the results of his ever-widening roster of colleagues has thus far yielded him three fantastic albums and tour and gig dates across the southeastern United States.
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